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Integrating lifestyle design and performance fabrics

ABOUT Hypole

Hypole, an innovative functional apparel company, provides a wide range of textile design services for clients around the world.

From designing, sourcing, manufacturing to exporting, we aim to offer a high quality and reliable one-stop-shop service. We identify your design challenges to develop the optimal solutions and ensure each stage meets our high standards of quality.

We specialize in innovative and functional garments, as well as integrated services, mainly collaborate with US and EU brands.

Hypole emphasize on environmentally friendly and social responsibility and high efficiency with the resources required to address added values to our customers.




Our versatile designs of fabrics provide numerous options for you to interpret your vision, ensuring that your design is aligned with your brand ethos. We also offer consultations from our professional designers to reflect our commitment to providing reliable solutions in multiple aspects.




As a vertical integrated textile company, we provide the highest source quality of materials from our fabric production firm, Hyperbola. With our perfectly consolidated supply chain, we assure you the most cost-effective solutions that saves unnecessary production fees.




Our production capabilities allow us to achieve quality control through close detection during the manufacturing processes. As a one stop solution firm, we are able to manage every stage of your products to achieve satisfactory results.




We take care of every step of your garments, from designing to exporting. We have built strong relationships over our years striving in the textile industry,

utilizing our broad network of delivery partners located all over the world to reduce travel impact and costs.

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